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Weight loss Information
Adios Review
An over the counter affordable slimming pill
Adios slimming pill review

Adios is a herbal slimming pill that helps you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism - the rate at which your body burns calories and fat. When taken with a calorie controlled diet it can lead to weight loss.

Adios is available to buy over the counter in the UK, America and Europe, you can find them for as little as £10 per packet, making them one of the cheapest slimming pills available.

How does Adios work?

Adios works by increasing your metabolic rate and stimulating fat metabolism boosting the body’s natural ability to burn off fat and calories. The way in which Adios does this isn't exactly clear and isn't stated on their website. The one reassuring thing is that Adios only contain safe natural ingredients.

Adios ingredients

  • Butternut - A herb grown in America known to known to stimulate laxative properties in the body
  • Dandelion Root - The leaves of Dandelion contains levels of important vitamins and minerals. Providing the body with energy, Dandelion Root also works as a digestive aid and mild diuretic.
  • Boldo - Helps to digest and settle food
  • Fucus - The common name for seaweed, seaweed provides the body with iodine which aids the fuction of the thyroid gland. The thyriod controls how quickly the body burns energy.

Adios side effects

Some people have reported mild side effects such as diarrhoea and constipation. If you experience any side effects try reducing the dosage, if that doesn't work stop taking the Adios slimming pills and visit your Doctor.

You should not take Adios if you are under the age of 16, pregnant or breastfeeding.

Adios review conclusion

Adios is a readily available and affordable slimming pill that does work to help you to lose weight when used with a calorie controlled diet. At around £10 for a months supply you haven't got much to lose.

Adios isn't a miracle slimming pill but it has helped thousands of people to lose weight naturally.

Customer Reviews
These pills are ok. They're cheap and I think I have lost some weight but nothing to write home about.

Give them a try if you're on a budget, otherwise buy something better.
Angie, Thu Oct 20, 2011
Iv only been on Adios a few days and im noticing that my bladder feels really bloated and uncomfortable. Wont be taking any more. Not for me.
Claire, Sat Nov 13, 2010
For 12 I thought I would try adios slimming pills.

They stop me from being hungry for a couple of hours but after that I just want to eat. They're not as powerful as I thought they would be.

They didn't for me as well as I had hoped but they may work for others.
Leanne, Fri Oct 22, 2010
I bought Adios a couple of months back took it for about two weeks didn't see any change except that had water retention, cystitis, bloated and depressed. So I stopped, i wouldn't recommend it.
mpinox, Fri Oct 22, 2010
They're ok, I noticed some effects but nothing dramatic like I was expecting.
Peter, Tue Sep 14, 2010
Don't buy Adios, it's a waste of money, it doesn't do anything.
Jackie, Sat Jul 10, 2010
I'd heard about Adios a while ago and then I saw it in Boots on special offer. I bought 2 packs 2 months ago and i've lost just over 1 stone. I don't feel as hungry anymore, I feel like i'm now in control of how much I eat. Adios is working for me. Carol
Carol, Tue Sep 08, 2009
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