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Weight loss Information
Christmas weight loss tips
How to lose weight over the Christmas party period

Christmas is thought of as a period of weight gain, but for you it doesn’t have to be. You can carry on losing weight through the Christmas period and right through into the New Year.

Research has shown that during the winter holiday season the average person gains 1-2lbs, a small amount of weight that some people find hard to lose – however, if you incorporate our simple tips into your Christmas diet you can continue to lose weight and keep your body happy, healthy and fit.

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1. Choose Turkey at Christmas dinner – compared to red meats and duck, turkey is high in protein and low in fat, saving you empty calories.

2. Roast all of your vegetables – avoid covering your potatoes and veggies in fat. Instead drizzle them with a good quality olive oil or sun flower oil before putting them in the over.

3. Make your own Christmas treats – don’t buy a big 2k tin of Roses that is packed with 10,000 calories and instead bake your own treats. Cakes, biscuits, trifle, mince pies – by adjusting your recipe slightly you can produce a lower fat and lower calorie version that tastes just as good.

With your trifle for example, simply swap normal jam and jelly for their sugar free counterparts and use fruit canned in juice instead of syrup.

4. Drink punches instead of wines – drinking just half a bottle of wine can increase your calorie intake by 250 calories. Make a healthy punch out of spirits, natural fruit juices and fruit pieces.

5. Make Christmas more active – instead of sitting in front of the TV watching annual re-runs, go out for a walk with your family. This will stop you from snacking after dinner and prevent that post-afternoon slump.

If it’s too cold to go outside then switch off the TV and play some fun indoor games like Charades, Twister, Jenga or musical chairs. Pick something fun that the whole family will enjoy.

6. Swap dry roasted peanuts for salted peanuts – one of the easiest steps you can take for controlling your Christmas weight loss is by swapping salted or sweet snack for their unsalted counterparts. Salted peanuts are saturated in fats which are bad for your weight loss and your heart. Unsalted peanuts are actually good for you.

Take a few minutes to sit down and make a list of all the foods you would normally buy for Christmas. If you can make healthy versions yourself then do that, if they have low fat or low sugar versions then swap them for that and try to cut out the foods that you can’t replace.

7. Don’t buy biscuits or chocolates – it’s easier said that done for most of us but the reality is if it wasn’t Christmas you wouldn’t normally buy or eat all of these chocolates. Most people receive chocolates for Christmas so only eat the ones that you receive as presents. This will dramatically cut down on the number or calories you usually eat.

Remember: One 2kg tin of Roses contains 10,000 calories.

Continuing to lose weight doens’t have to be achieved by cutting out fun. You can have a normal happy Christmas by making a few simple changes.

So make the change, and begin planning for your Christmas now.

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