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Weight loss Information
Healthy breakast ideas
Simple healthy tasty foods you can eat for breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, for some reason people often skip breakfast. Maybe this is why some people are so grumpy on a morning and don’t come around until they’ve eaten a snack or lunch. You may have a busy lifestyle, but you need to find the time everyday for breakfast, especially if you’ve got a long day ahead of you. A lot of people who have breakfast on the morning just grab a donut or eat sugary cereals. This isn’t wise as the short burst of energy doesn’t last long.

Fast weight loss

Does it take you a few hours to wake up properly on a morning and start thinking straight? Have you noticed that you get tired during the day? This is probably because you’re not getting enough or eating the right foods for breakfast. Every day you should try to eat good meal in the morning to set you up for the day. First, lets have a look at some of the foods to avoid.

What not to eat

Don't eat donuts. For the reasons we spoke above.

Stay away from sugary cereals. They’re nothing more than empty calories and won’t give you enough energy to last until lunch time. Your body has no use for empty calories so if you over eat them you’ll put on weight. Do you sometimes feel sluggish before lunch? This is because you’re eating too much sugar

Don’t eat much fried foods. Like bacon, fried eggs or fried break. Large amounts of fat are difficult to digest and will slow you down.

Don’t eat sugar coated pasties. They’re empty calories and offer no nutritional value.

Don’t drink much coffee. Don’t think that a cup of coffee will give you enough energy. It’s no substitute for food.
Eat a wholegrain cereal that is low in sugar with milk. The complex carbohydrates will provide you with enough energy to last until lunch.

What to eat

Eggs are good for breakfast. They provide you with protein and good fats that you need. Try poached, boiled or scrambled instead of frying. A long with some wholemeal toast.

Juice is great for breakfast. Get that pick me up that you need without the caffeine of morning coffee. You don't have to worry about getting the shakes if you drink too much juice.

Oatmeal or porridge. You probably didn’t like oatmeal when you were a kid. But give another try. It’s loaded with slow releasing energy and will fill you up.

Fruit is always good for breakfast. It’s refreshing, nutritious and requires little or no preparation. If you’re feeling adventurous make yourself a tasty fruit salad to go with your bowl of cereal or toast. If you don’t have time grab a banana or an apple.

Breakfast is easy

A healthy nutritious breakfast can be quick, easy and very tasty. It’s the more important meal of the day and will help to stop snacking. Be creative and stay away from sugary foods.

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