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Weight loss Information
Fibretrim Review - Natural weight loss drink
A new appetite suppressant weight loss drink from the Zotrim company
4 star rating (customer reviews)
Fibretrim slimming aid review

Fibretrim is brand new slimming drink that has been brought to us by the same company who produce the popoular Zotrim slimming pill.

This is a great alternative for people who don't like swallowing slimming pills but want to lose weight.

The powdered sachets are mixed into water or juice and drunk twice a day to suppress your appetite.

Benefits of using Fibretrim

  • Consume 200 calories less per meal
  • Eliminate inbetween meal hunger cravings
  • Reduce your sweet & fatty food intake by 50%

Imagine what you will feel like when you no longer have to eat sugary snacks between meals. Instead of searching for more food after dinner you won't be able to finish a full plate of food.

How does Fibretrim work?

Fibretrim is primarily an appetite suppressant but also has some other weight loss benefits. It contains three main ingredients; Yerbe Maté, Guarana and Damiana. Let's take a look at them in more detail:

Yerbe Maté - A plant found in South American. It has been found to decrease body fat and bring down serum cholesterol levels with a health amount.

Guarana - A plant extract which is very similar to caffeine. It is proven to suppress appetite, speed up metabolism and increase energy levels.

Damiana - Is another plant found in South America. It has stimulant effects and it used to improve overall health.

By drinking one sachet in the morning 10 - 15 minutes before breakfast you will be taking control of your appetite. You will no longer have hunger cravings in your belly and be snacking on crisps, chocolate bars or buns.

How effective is Fibretrim for weight loss?

Fibretrim uses the same ingredients and approach as their herbal slimming pill Zotrim which has sold to over 10 million customers in recent years. It's one of the few slimming pills out there that is proven to actually work.

Recently Liverpool University performed a study, here are the results:

After taking Zotrim for 45 days the average person lost 11.2lbs, that's nearly 2lbs lost per week

When taking Zotrim for 28 days the average person lost 4.3cm from their waistline

There was an average of 26.7% reduction in food intake.

Fibretrim side effects

Fibretrim weight loss drink uses the same natural herbal forumla as Zotrim which has been on the market for years, there have been no reported side effects. It's a completely safe slimming aid that you can feel comfortable using.

Fibretrim Review Conclusion

We like Fibretrim, it's natural ingredients and clinical studies performed in the UK means that its completely safe to take and it will work to help you lose weight.

Appetite suppressants are the safest way to lose weight, they simply work by making you feel fuller so that you eat less. Even though we all know that eating less is the answer to weight loss, some of us need a helping hand.

Learn more about Fibretrim for safe weight loss If you would prefer to drink two sachets with a glass of water everyday rather than swallowing 3 slimming pills then Fibretrim is for you. Losing weight and feeling great just got a whole lot easier.

Customer Reviews
After reading a BBC article about slimming pills my mind was made up. Zotrim and fibretrim look like the only pills that actually work. I bought them a few weeks ago and already I have lost 5lbs. I'm really happy that they're working, I only have 12lbs more to lose.
Annie, Sun Nov 28, 2010
Hiya, I have been using Zotrim slimming pills for months and they're working really well. Out of all of the pills I've tried (and its a lot) those are the only ones that actually worked.

I bought fibretrim to help when I'm not taking the zotrim pills. Great product, I recommend them.
Jill, Sun Oct 17, 2010
I've been battling with my weight for years, tried different diets but none of them seem to work.

I bought fibretrim slimming aids about 6 weeks ago and they're working really well. I just have one in the morning as soon as I get up, then I have a small breakfast and I feel full until lunch time. Another shake before dinner and that stops me over eating all evening like I used to do.
Jane, Fri Aug 27, 2010
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