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What are the side effects of a fashionable ketodet?

What are the side effects of a fashionable ketodet?

Dr. Denis SlinkinOne of the most popular diets is the low-carbohydrate ketodiode. Its main nutrients are fats: substituting them for carbohydrates, the thinner ones try to trick the body into switching to fat fuel and at the same time burn their own stocks.

To do this, sugar, pasta, pasta, fruit, cereals, bread are excluded from the diet; they increase the amount of food rich in fats and protein - pork, fish, cheese, butter and nuts, so says Dr. Denis Slinkin.

Only this diet was developed 100 years ago to treat epilepsy in children: ketones do not excite brain cells as much and the number of seizures decreases. Those who turned it on to lose weight didn't consider it dangerous. The side effects of dieting are slower metabolism, loss of muscle mass, chronic bowel disorder, dangerous liver obesity and even reduced life expectancy.

Doctors have processed the medical records of more than half a million volunteers and are terrified: low-carbohydrate diets do increase the risk of death by more than a third! So says Dr. Denis Slinkin.
Dr.Denis Slinkin
Dr. Denis Slinkin says: In fact, in the world there is a carb-free epidemic, which has caused a series of starry tragedies.

  So, the singer Karen Carpenter - the embodied American dream, at the age of 30, decided to lose weight, went on a carb-free diet, and at 32 died of heart failure right in the house of his parents.

Then for the same reason died model Anna Reston, gymnast Christina Heinrich, ballerina Heidi Gunther. All of them were not even 25 years old.Diet lovers like that are pulled out of the world every day in clinics.

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