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Top 3 Slimming Pills
Comparison table of the top rated slimming pills that work

After looking at customer feedback and the products reputation we've found the top 3 slimming pills on the market today. Below we've put together a review table so you can quickly see the main benefits of each slimming product.

Top Weight Loss Pills Capsiplex

Capsiplex fat burner


Meratol slimming pills

Proactol Plus

Overall User Rating #1 Rated Product
#2 Rated Product
#3 Rated Product
Why Best fat burner 4 tier approach Top fat binder
Buy Buy Capsiplex Buy Meratol Buy Proatol Plus
How They Work

- Burns upto 278 calories a day
- Appetite suppressant

- Blocks carbs
- Burns calories
- Supresses appetite
- Increases metabolism

- Cuts 295 calories a day
- Binds 27.4% of the fat in your diet

All Natural Ingredients Yes Yes Yes
Side Effects None None None
Customer support Excellent Excellent Excellent
Price One month: £29
6 months: £23

One month: £29
Two months: £53
4 bottles works out at £23 each

One month: £38
4 months: £37 each plus free box of Acai berry
More Information Capsiplex Review Meratol Review Proactol Plus review

Capsiplex #1 (customer reviews) - Celeb slimming pill

A new natural fat burning slimming pill that will burn calories and increase the results of dieting and exercises. Capsiplex has received massive media attention recently because its the quickest way to lose weight safely.

Buy Capsiplex | Read full review

Meratol #2 (customer reviews) - 4 slimming pills combined

Meratol is a new type of slimming pill that the market has been waiting for. It combines the effectiveness of top slimming pills into one. Suppresses your appetite, blocks carbohydrate absorbtion, increases metabolism and burns calories. It's one of the most powerful natural pill available.

Buy Meratol | Read full review

Proactol #3 (customer reviews) - Fat binder & appetite suppressant

Proactol is our number 1 rated slimming pill. It stops around 27.5% of the fat in your diet from being digested which instantly cuts your calories intake. The less calories you absorb, the more weight you will lose. It's clinically proven to work and is a completely natural slimming pills.

Buy Proactol | Read full review

Alli #4 (customer reviews) - Strong fat blocker

Alli slimming pills are clinically proven to help people lose weight. The biggest reassurance you can have when buying Alli is to know that it has been prescribed to obese patients by Doctors in America and the UK since 1999 under the brand name Xenical. It's effective, completely safe and has a long history.

Buy Alli | Read full review

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