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Xenical Review
A powerful fat blocking slimming pill only available by prescription
4 star customer rating
Xenical slimming pill review

Xenical is a Doctor only prescribed slimming pill. It cannot be bought on the high street or on the web legally.

Xenical is a powerful slimming pill that is only prescribed to people that are severaly overweight or obese and have a BMI (body mass index) over 30. It isn't a slimming pill for people who just want to lose a few pounds.

How does Xenical work?

The active ingredient in Xenical is the drug Orlistat which works by blocking around 25% of the fat in a persons diet. It attaches itself to the natural enzymes in the digestive system, preventing them from breaking down the fat.

The undigested fat then passes through the body naturally without being absorbed.

Xenical works differently to other slimming pills you may of tried. It produces an actual physical reaction in your body rather than speeding up your metabolism or sending a signal to your brain to suppress your appetite

Xenical Side effects

Due to the "blocked" fat being undigested and passing through the body, Xenical has been known to cause diarrhea and cramping in some people. The main side effect is an oily discharge from the rectum. The undigested fat has to pass through the body someway.

Is Xencial an effective slimming pill?

.Xencial has been the Doctor recommended slimming pill since 1999. In order for Xenical to be effective you have to cut down on the amount of fat in your diet otherwise you'll experience the embarrassing side effects.

How can I get Xencial?

The only way you can legally obtain the real Xencial is by going to see your Doctor and having it prescribed to you. He will check that your weight problem is serious enough, your BMI is high enough, your diet plan and the lifestyle changes you're already making before prescribing it.

There are many Xenical slimming pills available on the internet. Seen as it is illegal to sell it, most of them are counterfeit and dangerous.

Xenical Review Conclusion

Xenical works which is why Doctors recommend it. The side effects can be kept to a minimum by cutting down on the amount of fat in your diet. Xenical is the most powerful fat blocking slimming pill.

The main problem with Xenical is that the only way you can legally obtain the real safe Xenical is by going to see your Doctor and you're weight problem being serious enough for him to prescribe the drug.

Customer Reviews
i hope to loss 3 stone in 4 months
jane, Sat Dec 31, 2011
So basically, it looks like if you lower your fat intake, you lose weight. The pill just provides the incentive to cut back on the fat people are already taking in...Looks like the life choice to avoid fats loses the weight, not the pill...
Mike, Sat Sep 10, 2011
My Doctor prescribed Xencial to me last year after finding out that my BMI was 39. I started taking them and the next day I felt the effects whilst on the toilet. I didn't have diarrhea, it just felt a bit loose.

The slimming pills were working but I didn't like the side effects so now i'm trying out some fat burners.
Jennifer Walker, Sun Dec 12, 2010
Xencial worked really well for me, I was on it last year for about 8 months and I lost over 3st. But it's not as simple as it taking a weight loss pill, you have to make changes to your diet otherwise you will see no effect.

I did have any side effects like other people have had, maybe I was just lucky.
Amanda, Tue Aug 31, 2010
Xenical has helped me lose over 3 stone. It does require a change in lifestyle and you have to visit your Doctor once a month. It works but its not a quick fix! Sandy
Sandy, Wed Sep 09, 2009
It really works, my Doctor offered me Xenical after several visits to him about my weight.

I found Xenical to be a fantastic boost to help me loose weight. Having given up smoking a year ago the pounds piled on. After 2 weeks of watching my diet and taking Xencial I have lost 10lbs. I can not highly recommend it enough.
Jane H, Wed Sep 02, 2009
I went to my Doctor to see if he could help with my weight problem, he took loads of tests to see if I had any other problems and also spent a lot of time talking to me about diet and exercise. Luckily my BMI was exactly 30 so he was able to prescribe me Xenical. The side effects only happen if you eat high fat foods. I've been losing 3lbs a week for 3 weeks. If you can get hold of this slimming pill it's worth it. Pam
Pam, Sun Aug 23, 2009
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